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Hello, I'm Hannah! I'm an outdoor blank canvas, tipi and marquee wedding specialist. After several years running my own award winning outdoor wedding venue it was time to have some adventures elsewhere, so now we bring the wedding magic to you!

If you're a couple planning a wedding in your garden, a field or other blank canvas location, or if you're an outdoor venue owner and are looking for some support - we're here to help! We know what it takes to transform an empty field into a wedding and have years of experience managing every element of an outdoor big day. We also know the things to watch out for because, let's be honest, avoiding those is just as important! We're here to make outdoor wedding planning and management easy.

So don't spend too long admiring that glorious field and wondering where to start - talk to us and we'll soon be transforming it into the outdoor wedding of dreams!

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If it's outdoors and it's wedding then we're in! There's a lot that entails though, so we've split our services into three simple categories


Outdoor Planning

For couples who want to plan an outdoor wedding


Event Management

For couples or venues who want some help managing the big day


Venue Consultancy

For venues and those with space to hire for outdoor weddings


Glorious days we helped plan, create and manage for some fabulous folk!

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"They were a dream to deal with - their experience of running weddings was freely given to us. They were essential to getting suppliers in/out without disruption and ensuring the whole thing went to plan. They even resolved issues that other suppliers should have been responsible for to make sure everything went well on the day”

“We'd never tried to plan anything on this scale and having Hannah there was exactly what we needed. She was able to look over our plans, point out things we'd  overlooked and made suggestions we'd have never thought of. She liaised with our suppliers, celebrant and guests to ensure everyone knew where to be and when. Hannah and her team were indispensable, we couldn't have done it without you!”

“Hannah went above and beyond everything we had asked of her. Let alone being the host and working tirelessly she threw herself into helping with things she didn't have to such as helping with décor, clearing up dinner plates and a ton of other behind the scenes things that I wouldn't have even been aware of. I couldn't have wished for better”

“They provide exceptional service from start to finish, all of the details are taken care of with your day flowing seamlessly thanks to their attention and well thought out plans to enable your personal experience, your dream wedding, just the way you wanted it. We couldn't have had a better day.”

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Want to find out how we can help? We'd love to hear from you! Email us, give us a call or fill in this form 

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