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event management


every outdoor wedding needs an event manager - trust us!

if you book a formal venue or hotel wedding you'll get one included - and they have it easier as only have to corral colleagues who work together in a tried and tested way.


when you create your own day at a blank canvas location it's even more important because you've basically got a bunch of strangers turning up somewhere they haven't been before who only know what they alone are there to do.


a smooth running outdoor wedding needs a detailed schedule of what needs to be done, by when, by who and how long it should take - ours typically contain over 150 tasks! it also needs cheery, calm, in control, clipboard wielding coordinators (that's us!) who are great at getting the best out of the team that make your wedding happen, so you and your guests can just enjoy the day!

ahead of the day we'll review your plans then create a detailed schedule of events and a supplier briefing document. we'll get in touch with your key suppliers to finalise logistics and timings, making sure they know who we are, who else they'll be working with and what to expect on the big day.

we'll support you and your setup the day prior, and on the day we'll manage everything that needs to be done from first thing until the end of the wedding - typically a team of two for 15 hours. this includes finishing touches and final setups, organising all suppliers and deliveries, checking & connecting power, supporting guests, coordinating the ceremony, managing self-supply drinks, overseeing catering & bar, adjusting timings as required, tidying and pack-down...but most importantly making sure you're having the best day ever and don't have to lift a finger.

typical investment for our Event Management service is £1,900*

*subject to final details. we love running a bar and serving your guests drinks, but if you would like us to do this or are inviting more than 120 guests we may need a bigger team at an additional cost.


travel expenses and accommodation may be applicable dependent on location

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