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venue consultancy


the most honest and accurate advice comes from those who have been there, done that - that's us

  • thinking about hiring your land for weddings but not sure what's involved or where to start?

  • want some support launching, marketing or planning to operate your blank canvas venue?

  • how about someone to sense check your ideas, give some pointers or chew things over with?


many blank canvas venues are privately owned residential or agricultural spaces. it's exciting to diversify and make your land work for you, but it can be daunting to welcome strangers onto your property.


there's a lot to plan and do, implications and risks to consider and small but important things that won't cross your mind at the start.

on top of the considerations of hiring your space there's the work involved in creating your brand identity, launching and marketing your venue and setting up ongoing operations.

we created and ran our own venue so have done all of this, learnt some of it the hard way and - blowing our own trumpet a little - were really successful! we've built on that success further by launching two venues for other land owners in the last 18 months, both securing wedding bookings in their first month of marketing.

 we're here to support you on your journey.

we offer a range of services and support to venue owners. our consultancy packages are always bespoke, tailored to where you are in your wedding venue journey. our ultimate aim is to empower you run your outdoor venue effectively, providing you with the knowledge, tools and confidence to do so.

new venues

we start with a complimentary meeting to see the site, understand your ideas and give you the full lowdown from a venue owner perspective. that's important because we want you to go in eyes wide open, especially if your venue is part of your home.

when you've made the exciting decision to go for it we'll work hands-on as part of your team and then transition responsibility over the coming months. we know some venue owners choose not to be hands-on with running the venue, in which case we can recommend options for ongoing support.

existing venues

whether you're looking for support with your social media platforms, reviewing and updating procedures, re-branding, enquiries or managing events just arrange a complimentary call with us and we can talk about ways we can help!

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the specific tasks we can support venue owners with include:

  • brand identity & collateral

  • website creation

  • social media management

  • directory listings

  • site layout & logistics advice

  • pricing and package modelling

  • supplier recommendations and introductions

  • open days and styled shoots

  • enquiry management

  • site visits and couple consultations

  • sales style and coaching

  • sales to contract process

  • operating procedures & assets

  • license, planning and best practice guidance

  • partnered planning and event management 

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