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a bit about us


where it started: back garden to award winning wedding venue

in 2015 I bought an 18th century farmhouse in Bedfordshire with 2.5 acres of stunning landscaped gardens, orchard and meadows. 


after organising a marquee housewarming event the overwhelming feedback aligned to my thinking, which was - what a great place to get married! when some good friends were keen to do just that the venue was launched and became fully booked for the next 2 years in just 5 months.

the venue received broad praise from industry experts and colleagues regarding the speed of it's success, and won an award from the first season of operation. whilst the grounds were gorgeous in summer all couple show rounds were held across winter, requiring a creative flair and honed technique to help couples visualise and buy in to how they could bring to life a stunning and unique wedding in a bare field.

it was equally important that I knew the business of weddings and from the get-go was able to gain confidence and build rapport with couples, give valuable advice and support them further with planning and event management, working as an integral cog in their journey. i showed how much i genuinely cared about their weddings and they felt that.



i'm Hannah. over the last 7 years I've planned, hosted and managed weddings at various outdoor locations, and in marquees of all shapes and sizes; from tipis to yurts and from fun festival style to elegant classic affairs. I've also created and managed three successful outdoor venues.


outside the wedding world I've had a successful corporate career;  at 33 I was the youngest director on the european board of a large global company, affording me vast experience in many aspects of business, financial, supplier, project and people management. my corporate career honed the skills and work ethic that I apply to the things I'm truly passionate about in the wedding industry. 

it's not all serious business though! i thrive off energy and people - building relationships, collaborating and motivating everyone to excel at, and enjoy, what they're doing! i like solving problems, celebrating success and meticulous organisation. i like working hard but always having fun, bringing warmth, passion and drive. 


​and when I'm done with all of that I like the simple things in life; a large glass of good wine, long walks, tasty food, flowers, big adventures in my partner's classic land rover and small adventures with my young nephews.

my right hand woman is Rebecca, floral queen and coordinator extraordinaire, bringing an eye for detail and bucket loads of warmth and enthusiasm, Rebecca works alongside me to support our couples through their planning journey, oversee setups and coordinate on the day - alongside flowering up many of our gorgeous weddings.

think i might be able to help, or just interested to have a chat and find out more? i'd love to hear from you

07850 346144

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