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privacy policy

this isn't the exciting bit, but it is important to let you know what personal data we collect, why and what we use it for, to be compliant with Data Protection legislation.

personal data we collect, why and how we use it

from our website

After you submit your details via our contact us form we add your name, telephone number and email address to our customer management database hosted in Google Drive, which is also GDPR compliant. We use this data only to administer your request for further information about our services. We explicitly request your agreement for us to use and store this data in this manner when you check the box on our contact form advising of such.

We use Wix to host this website and as such Wix will store the same details from the contact us form. Wix is fully GDPR compliant.

from direct or further engagement

If you contact us with an enquiry via email or telephone we will request your name, telephone number and email address and add this to our customer management database.

If you wish to proceed to take up our services  we will request and store your address and the name of your partner(s) where applicable, to allow us to create a contract and provide quotes and invoices. Any additional information you provide by email will be stored within our email server (Microsoft Outlook) aswell as added to our customer management database in Google Drive. Any documentation we generate and send to you containing your personal data will be stored in Google Drive.

 We will also use your personal information to provide general updates on the services we are providing to you.

sharing your data

We will never share or sell your data to any third parties for the purpose of marketing.

During the term of a contract between us should we require to share your information with another supplier in relation to the services we are providing you we will expressly request your permission to do so. We may also be required to enter your data into software that we use to administer our services to you, such as invoicing and accountancy software. All such software we use is also GDPR compliant.

Should we be requested to disclose your data to government and legal authorities we will do so provided they have the proper authorisation.

how long we keep your data

Should your submit an enquiry to us that does not progress we mark this as closed and your details it may remain on our customer management database for up to three years.

Should you proceed to take up our services your details may remain on our customer management database and documents with your data stored in our Google Drive for up to four years.

your rights about your data we hold

You have a right to request that we share with you the details of your personal data that we hold, at any point in time.

You also have a right to request that we update or remove any such personal data and withdraw your consent for us to use your data - excluding any data we are obliged to retain for legal or security purposes.

You can request a report of data we hold, or request we remove your data, by contacting Hannah Whiteley at

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In accordance with the Fields and Festoons terms of service, and those of our previous trading brand 'Escheat Farm Weddings', we may share images from your wedding on our website, in our marketing materials and on our social media platforms. This is in agreement with the photographers who own the rights to the images. 

You can contact us at if you wish to request that we cease use of any images that contain your identity.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy please get in contact with us

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