We're not your ordinary wedding planner

We really love colour schemes, favours, flowers and the snazzy details that make up the beauty of the big day but we know most of you have that covered, so whilst you plan the pretty and request the guests we'll be traversing the terrain with the tent team, perfecting the toilet unit positioning and pondering lengths of cable for the power


The reality of hosting a wedding in a garden, field or farm is the plethora of un-glamorous logistical elements, some of which are, quite frankly, a little bit boring! They are super important though and that's what we're here to do! 


your band unknowingly unplugging the bar fridges on arrival due to a lack of plug sockets (nobody wants warm beer...)

a lack of fizz quaffing because there wasn't enough hired flutes and there isn't anywhere (or anyone!) to wash some up

your guests waiting a long time and getting hangry because of big queues for the funky street food van


In our experience couples choose blank canvas weddings because they want to create something completely personal and unique. Most have a clear vision and want to retain control but have someone take the lead on the 'outdoor wedding infrastructure' (tents, power, toilets), items to be hired and supplier organisation, making sure nothing is overlooked and  bringing it together for the day


As a result we don't typically take on your entire planning process - things like budget, guestlist and décor - leaving you in ultimate control whilst we take the weight off your shoulders with the less glamorous or fun things! We'll have a detailed planning session at the start of the journey, talk regularly throughout and catch up in detail 3 months prior and just before the big day 


No two outdoor weddings are the same but our Full Field packages typically include:

  • Sourcing and management of on the day suppliers such as structures, toilets, power, catering and bar, ensuring sufficient capacities

  • Coordination and collaboration with your venue

  • Lighting and furniture designs and sourcing

  • Site layout and power point plans

  • Dining, drink ware and service ware calculations and sourcing

  • Service and bar staff sourcing and management

  • Self-supply drink provision calculations, storage and chilling solutions

  • Outdoor ceremony logistics, timings and coordination

  • Licenses for music and sale of alcohol 

  • Waste management plans

  • Detailed schedule of events from first setup to cleardown

  • On the day event management 

All Full Field packages are bespoke but tend to start from £1,700 which includes our Event Management

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Are you comfortable doing your own your planning but want some guidance on what to include - or reassurance that nothing has been missed? Why not arrange an online 'planning lite' session with us


We can do this as you kick off your planning to give direction on what you need to include, or towards the end (about 10 weeks before the day) to review your plans and highlight anything that might have been overlooked. You can also book both and have us 'top and tail' your outdoor planning journey for complete reassurance!


Lite sessions are typically up to 1.5 hours each plus a full write up of the meeting, our planning tips guide and a list of trustworthy supplier recommendations.


Sessions are £120 each