Take one field, add a smattering of suppliers and a gaggle of gorgeous, giggling guests. Mix it all together with our Event Management to make a delectable day! 

Every wedding needs an event manager - trust us. If you book a formal venue or hotel wedding you'll get one included - and they have it easier as only have to corral colleagues who work together day to day in a tried and tested way


When you create your own day at your own blank canvas location it's even more important because you've basically got a bunch of strangers turning up somewhere they haven't been before who only know what they alone are there to do


Any smooth running outdoor wedding needs a detailed schedule of what needs to be done, by when, by who and how long it should take - ours typically contain over 180 tasks! It also needs cheery, calm, in control, clipboard wielding coordinators* (that's us!) who are great at getting the best out of the team that make your wedding happen, so you and your guests can just go and have fun! 

*We've also got experience at mopping up leaks in the loo, chasing escapee ring-bearing goats, providing paracetamol and lucozade to worse for wear guests and picking up alpaca poop...so we're pretty flexible!

You'd be here all day if we outlined everything involved in managing an outdoor a wedding day, but here's the highlights

Ahead of the day we'll  review your plans, meet with you to discuss the details and then create a (really) detailed schedule of events for the day. Goes without saying we'll review and tweak this until it's perfect and double check it the day before the big day. We'll also get in touch with your key suppliers to finalise details and timings, making sure they know who we are and what to expect on the big day

  • Setup and check critical infrastructure​

  • Finishing touches 

  • Setup outdoor components - ceremony seating,  reception drink station, bar 

  • Welcome, direct and brief all daytime suppliers

  • Oversee and welcome guests

  • Coordinate outdoor ceremony

  • Manage service of drinks and / or bar* 

  • Relocation of items for different parts of your day

  • Coordinate wedding breakfast / dinner service

  • Pour and serve toast drinks

  • Oversee cleardown of daytime suppliers 

  • Welcome, direct and brief all evening suppliers

  • Oversee and welcome evening guests

  • Coordinate evening drink and food services

  • Manage timings for  close and oversee guest exit

  • Make sure you head off happy and relaxed!

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Making sure you're having a fab day

Guest ushering and announcements

Continual timing checks & adjustment

Replenishing self-serve drink stations

Clearing and general tidy up 

Solving any unexpected challenges!

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Typical investment for our Event Management service is £950, subject to details


You bring the booze, we serve what you supply.

We love running a bar and serving your guests reception drinks, but if you've a lot of guests this may need a bigger team at an additional cost